My Experiences With Trigonometry Textbook

Mathematics is one of the most studied materials in schools and due to this reasons it is easy to state an opinion regarding algebra, geometry or trigonometry by virtually anyone; I made a list of likes and dislikes regarding math on different accounts and the one I intend to refer to today is trigonometry.

When I had my first trigonometry textbook, I was astonished from the beginning by the large amount of new information inside, by all the new signs, codes, etc. However, as time went by, I realized there were things that I really liked about it and there were things that I could live without. That was the moment when I first realized that I needed to start a list of likes and dislikes regarding trigonometry; it wasn’t a very easy thing to as most of the information was new to me so I had to wait a little while more to understand what I was talking about.

Among the main likes which I mentioned on my blog there are some of which you may feel the same as I do. Here are a few of them:

–          Everything is very exact; there is no need for you to worry about an error or anything alike as if you follow all the required steps in the right manner there is no way you will fail obtaining a correct result. You surely need to read extensively before you proceed to resolve any trigonometry exercises; it is very important that you are aware of all the details your trigonometry textbook provides you with. There is no need for you to try and skip any of the steps presented in your trigonometry textbook as if you do so you will fail later on by not getting the right results; if the process you pursue is not entirely correct there is no way you can get the right results and this explanation must be enough for you to make you understand why reading extensively and comprehension of trigonometry is quite necessary and important.

–          Another like comes in relation with the universality of mathematics; regardless where you are, if you have your trigonometry textbook you should be able to resolve the same exercises. People from different countries often get in international contests to prove their exquisite qualities and one of the main things that keep them in race is mathematics. All the best specialists in any sector related to mathematics knows that competing over the best performance in mathematics and consequently in trigonometry is a very good exercise in itself to help you get over obstacles and becoming an even better mathematician.

As dislikes, I have to mention at least two which make me feel reluctant as to follow a carrier into a sector related to mathematics:

–          It is not easy to remember and to work with all the formulas used in trigonometry. I can remember very well the first time I opened my trigonometry textbook, the impression I had when I got to see what is it all about and I was quite scared. It didn’t seem easy at all and today it doesn’t also; you sure need to strive in order to understand and learn all necessary things from trigonometry and I simply don’t think that what is needed is among my qualities.

–           The fact that it hooks you up to a desk is very easy to see; there is no way you can work in trigonometry outside an office or school due to the fact that you need all the time to have paper and pen to work with. You may take them outside and try to learn and work in an open space but I’m quite sure there aren’t too many able to do that.